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So You’re Considering Becoming a Sports Broadcaster

     The RLM Sports Learning Center is an excellent place to begin your Sportscasting career or improve your existing skill set. Maybe you want to do Sportscasting as a full or part time business, hobby or just full fill a dream. So let’s take a look as to how RLM Sports Learning Center may be of assistance to help you accomplish your goals.

The Path to Become a Successful Sports Broadcaster

     There is no “one” single path to follow, no magic elixir of becoming good sportscaster. However, it does require enthusiasm, knowledge of and a passionate interest in sports, as well as, the desire to talk about sports. The primary focus of the RLM Sports Learning Center is to build on your basic attributes by customizing a learning environment tailored to meet your expressed learning objectives.

Do you have the “right stuff” to be a sportscaster?

     RLM Sports staff members will work with you and help you assess your potential as a future sportscaster. This is accomplished through email and phone exchanges, a sample reel of your work, if any, and a simple, interactive on-line evaluation tool. You'll soon be informed of some of those things you don't yet know, and provided with solutions that best suit your individual situation.

Who and what is RLM Sports and RLM Sports Learning Center

     RLM Sports was formed in March 2010 and incorporated as RLM Sports & iMarketing, LLC in September of 2011. RLM Sports has been a dedicated sports organization since the spring of 2010, but the RLM Sports’ cadre’ has over 70 years of combined broadcasting experience. Click here to learn more about RLM Sports. The RLM Sports Learning Center was conceived and created in 2010, developed in 2011 and implemented in 2012.
     Members of the RLM Sports Learning Center staff have over 40 years of education and training experience.  The Learning Center first created, implemented and conducted the Sportscasting, Media & Communications Intern Program that has been recognized by Ithaca College Park School of Communications students, Mansfield University, Elmira College and Cornell University Athletics programs.

What Makes RLM Sports and RLM Sports Learning Center Your Best Choice?

     RLM Sports and the Learning Center both occupy a unique niche in the field of sports broadcasting.
     RLM Sports is a full time sport broadcasting organization whose primary focus and activities revolve around sports broadcasting. RLM Sports currently performs Sportscasting duties for Mansfield University, PA, Elmira College, NY, Cornell University, NY, as well as, scholastic sports in the Upstate NY and surrounding area. We are currently exploring opportunities to sportscast professional baseball.
     RLM Sports Learning Center constantly monitors and reacts to relevant sports broadcasting activities that include technology, programming, marketing, and exploration of new markets. 

What does it take to become a sportscaster?

     There is no magic secret or one way to become a successful sportscaster. There are many paths that an individual may take, but the constant that stands above all else is experience and practice in the craft. When working with RLM Sports you will be guided by a group of experienced, knowledgeable and professional instructors. We not only DO, but we TEACH as well.
     Many professionals like doctors, lawyers and teachers have a basic road map to follow including obtaining an undergraduate degree, then putting in a few more years of post-graduate education, then take the mandated tests to become certified in their field. To become a successful sports broadcaster demands very good communication skills, both verbal and written, excellent people skills, as well as, sports and technical knowledge. These skills may be acquired through a diverse combination of learning methodologies including traditional academic offerings (degree based), non-traditional knowledge and skill methodologies such as interactive, self-paced & on-demand courses, virtual classrooms, mentoring and very importantly, supervised experiences and opportunities. 

Becoming a Sports Broadcaster Requires Having a Viable Plan of Action

     There are many paths that may lead to a career in sports broadcasting, with some getting you there quicker than others. The timing often depends upon your unique circumstances, such as budget, availability, education, background, and the degree of passion you possess to become a sports broadcaster.
     Regardless of the path you choose, it will require that you create a plan of action, beginning with the development of your list of realistic goals and objectives that will assist in the attainment of your goal. 
     A definitive list of goals will help you define your destination with more clarity of where you want to be, within a defined period of time, and what objectives you’ll need to achieve those goals.

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