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RLM Sports & iMarketing, LLC’s Intern Program is designed to provide its participants a wide range of knowledge and skill educational and training opportunities in the field [discipline] of Sports Broadcasting.


The RLM Sports Intern Program is designed to provide practical, real life educational and training experiences to primarily college students enrolled in their institutes’ communications programs. The program, coupled with additional educational courses, is also available to high school graduates who are interested in pursuing a job in the Sports Broadcast area.

Those interested in being involved in a Sport Broadcasting career are often looking for opportunities that will stimulate them and offer practical experience in their area of interest. Our Intern Program offers challenging projects, coupled with supervision by the professional RLM Sports staff to supplement and complement their academic studies.

Experiential and Hands-On Approach
RLM Sports conducts an effective Sports Broadcasting Internship Program that ensures critical and challenging projects and tasks that will give the intern “real life” knowledge and skills. This curriculum is designed to give them a significant advantage in securing a good job in the Sport Broadcasting arena.

RLM Sports Supervision and Evaluation
An internship can only be a true learning experience if the program is focused on the individual intern’s learning objectives, which are identified early in the application and acceptance process. RLM Sports’ professional staff supervises all portions of the program to evaluate the intern’s activity and performance against their individual learning objectives. This constructive feedback is intended to assist in determining the intern’s progress.

The Learning Environment
The RLM Sports Intern Program is a structured learning environment which includes, but is not limited to:
1)    Description, History and Philosophy of Sports Broadcasting
2)    Sport Broadcasting technologies/methods of providing professional [expert] sports commentary [content] 
3)    Available broadcast distribution technology, function and utilization.
4)    Voice training and style development
5)    Pre-season preparation
6)    Why, Who and How of networking
7)    Individual game (sporting event) production
             a. Game promotion
             b. Game planning
             c. Coach/player interviews
             d. Confirm site location & requirements
             e. Pre-game activity
             f.  Sport commentary
             g.  Post-game activity
8)    Promotion and Marketing of sport season and individual games
9)    Participation in planning, scheduling and staff meetings as the Intern Program dictates.

Many of the items identified above is designed to both supplement and complement the interns’ academic studies.

Academic Credit
Any academic internship credit is determined by the intern’s learning institute. RLM Sports does provide a certificate of completion at the end of the successful participant’s internship.

Terms of Compensation
Interns participating in the RLM Sports Intern Program do not receive monetary or material compensation. Interns are considered trainees under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1973.

Those students and other interested parties interested in enrolling in the RLM Sports Intern Program may apply for our on-line information pack and application form.

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